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Todays Special > Rinnai Infinity 26 Price Including Installation Special $1649 B26 or Rinnai Infinity 26 only $1799
Rinnai Infinity 26 Price Including Installation Special $1649 B26 or Rinnai Infinity 26 only $1799

The product you selected is currently unavailable.

Orig. Price: $1,649.00
Sale Price: $1,399.00
Availability: ASAP
Prod. Code: Rinnai 26 Special

Rinnai Infinity 26 Price Installed.

Two Choices:

Rinnai B26 (Builders Model) Only $1399 (More Information)

Or the Original Standard Rinnai Infinity 26 for Only $1649

Rinnai Infinity 26 vs Rinnai B26

What is the difference you may ask between the two models.  Only the warranty period.  Rinnai Builders Models have a 10 year warranty and the Rinnai Infinity Standard has a 12 year warranty.

They are the same size shape, energy consumption and have the same capabilities. Colour change and the Rinnai Infinity 26 has a LED on/off display.

If something doesn't go wrong in two year it will most likely last the distance.  The last Rinnai's we have replaced have been over 20 years old.

What is Included: 

  • Installation of the NEW Rinnai Infinity 26 or the Rinnai Infinity Builders 26 or B26 Continuous Gas Hot Water Heater on the wall. All fixings Supplied.

  • Connections made to Water & Gas pipes.  Pipe must be at least a 20mm gas pipe and a 20mm water pipe.  The hot water pipe will connect on to the existing hot water piping system in the most efficient spot or where you prefer.

  • Delivery of the Hot water heater is included

  • Includes plumbing valves, fixings, Copper bends & parts and 4 metres of copper tube

  • Over 4 metres of copper tube is charged at $49 a metre. Which includes labour, copper, parts, bends and Gas for Welding?

  • Removal of the old hot water heater if needed. Systems over 250 litres may incur and extra cost of $80 to remove. Please inform us please before we come out if the old hot water system is in a difficult position for one man to remove on his own.

  • Includes electrical disconnection.

  • What is Excluded:

  • Does not include Electrical work for a power point or the old electric hot water heater power being isolated at the meter.  An Electrician can be arranged if you wish.  Average cost $200.

  • Controller installation is not included in this package. Time to install a controller is about 1 hour each if accessible through walls or under the floor.  Some houses are to difficult or to costly to run a or multiple controllers.

  • Any questions, Please do not hesitate to Call me.

All installation jobs can be paid after the installation is completed, if this is more comfortable for you.



Rinnai Infinity 26 Models B26 or INF26: Rinnai Ininity LPG or Natural Gas

  • Rinnai's Superior Japanese technology & quality

  • 26 litres a minute at a 25 Degree temperature Rise <

  • Rinnai Continuous flow hot water that never runs out

  • Rapid start® technology delivering water faster

  • Rinnai's Highly efficient - 6.1 star energy ratings

  • Ability to install up to 4 Water Controllers

  • Both Universal and Deluxe Water Controllers – mix’n’match to suit

  • Anti frost standard on all external units

  • 3 Star (AAA) shower compatible

  • Rinnai has a 12 Year Warranty on the Heat Exchanger

  • 3 Years Parts & Labour Warranty (5 Years if two or more Water Controllers are installed in domestic applications)

  • 530mm High D

  • 530mm High

  • 350mm Wide

  • 194mm Depth

  • 15 Kg

  • Pressure Range between 180-1000 KPA

  • Electrical power cord for fan and ignition. No pilot light

LPG (Extra Install Cost About) About $360 if your gas regulator is to small which will not provide enough gas flow for the Rinnai. e will need to install a large capacity regulator..  And or you do not currently have gas and new LPG gas bottles need to be installed. $440

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