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Rinnai Infinity > Rinnai Envirosmart Gas Hot Water Heater Continuous Flow
Rinnai Envirosmart Gas Hot Water Heater Continuous Flow

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Price: $1,895.00
Prod. Code: Rinnai Envirosmart

Rinnai Envirosmart Gas Hot Water Heater Continuous Flow
  • In addition to the impressive Rinnai INFINITY range, we have gone one step further with the release of Australia's first 'condensing unit'
  • Technologically advanced, in simple terms it uses the hot exhaust gases to pre-heat the water before it gets to the main burner
  • This increases efficiency to the extent that it has been awarded Australia's first hot water system that carries a 6 star energy rating
  • With the additional benefits of lower Greenhouse Gas emissions, lower running costs and flawless performance, the Rinnai Envirosmart gas hot water system is an environmentally responsible choice
  • 36% more energy efficient than a 3 star gas storage tank
  • 1/6 of the greenhouse gas emissions of an electric storage tank
  • Substantially reduced running costs
  • Provides great water flow even with water saving fixtures (WELS)
  • Space saving compact design
  • Superior safety and precise temperature control with the use of water controllers
  • 50 or 55 Degrees Factory Default Temperature (Celsius)
  • 250 Min Water Pressure (kPa)
  • 1000 Max Water Pressure (kPa)
  • 15.9/162 NG Gas Rate (Min/Max)
  • 24/30 L/Minute Flow Rate 25 Degrees C/Max
  • 20/15/15 Connection Sizes Gas/Hot/Cold (mm)
  • Available in White
  • 600 mm Height
  • 277 mm Width
  • 277 mm Depth


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