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Rinnai Infinity
Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Systems

Rinnai Infinity Hot Water is Australia's most popular continuous flow hot water system.

We have been converting standard storage, gravity, solar and other continuous flow hot water heaters to Rinnai Infinity Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems for years now and have found them to be extremely reliable and our customers have always been happy with their new hot water heater.  There are some things to consider when installing a continuous flow hot water system so the water heater has the best possible chance to work at it's peak.  Gas pipe size, cleaning the gas line out or purging the line which is neccessary as well as the right size gas regulator and water pipes.  If these things are not done properly then the hot water system will be under powered but you as the user will not be aware of it's potenial.  We make sure that this is done on all of our installations.

Rinnai Infinity Australia Wide Rebate May Applies.  Check www.rinnai.com.au for details.  Go to Promotions.

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