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Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heaters
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Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heater Specials on Installation

Hot Water Installations Available

To understand how the Gas Continuous Hot Water Heaters work please go to the bottom of this page.


Professional Installation Service Available

All of the Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water heaters listed below are High Quality Hot Water Systems.  They are all over 5 Star Energy Rated Units.  We Ship all heaters Australia wide.  If you are in Sydney we are able to install the hot water heater for you as we have our team of qualified plumbers in the greater Sydney area.

Helpful Tip. The Number in the description represents the litres heated from the cold water temperature up 25 degrees. E.g.: If the temperature of the cold water is 18 degrees and the Hot Water Heater is a 26 model then the water heaters ability is 26 litres a minute at 43 Degrees. With this in mind though, the Hot Water Heater still will deliver hot water at near to it Preset temperature.  Therefore the actual litres per minute drop slightly.  You may for example get 23 Litre per minute at 50 Degrees with a 26 Model.  Hope this information is of some help in understanding how these Hot Water Systems Work.

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