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Professional Blocked Drain Service
Unblocked from $99. Fast Response
Blocked Drains Cleared In a Hurry

No hidden surprises.

Unblock Drain Equipment we use.

Manual main drain plugger devices.

Drainage Machine Hire(Jetter) Including Tradeperson.

Drainage Machine hire is the Drain High pressure water Jetter, or Drain Camera and Location Device if required. 

Emergency Blocked Drain Action Plan:
1:   Keep the kids away from the effected area.
2:   Remain calm.  We understand it is stressful and can create a panic.  It is able to be solved.  We can help.
3:   Call a Plumber who is equiped to unblock your drainage pipe. Example us.
4:   Try to turn any taps off that are draining to the now blocked drain.
5:   Try to prevent the overflowing dirty drainage water from going where it shouldn't.  You could try using old bricks, dirt or something else to redirect the drain water away from important things or places.
6:    Wait for the Scooper Plumbing to sort it out for you.
Drain Camera Inspection this month with all jobs requiring the Drain High pressure water Jetter at half price.

Experiencing one of these problems: blocked toilet, blocked sink, overflowing drains, overflowing sewerage, blocked stormwater, clogged drains for grease traps.  If so we can help. 

Drainage & Stormwater
We design drainage systems that solve your drainage problems. Drainage repair work and new drain installations are a large part of our business. 
Badly designed or installed drains can cause damage to foundations and other structures.  Damp issues or rising damp problems are mainly the result of poor drainage.
 All our drainage work is Guaranteed for Ten Years.
Blocked drains
Drain Camera
Whether it is storm water or sewage water we will do our best to help you out ASAP. We have the right equipment to solve your blockage. 
Blocked Drains Sydney. Professional Equipment for Fast and Effective Blockage emoval such as the Jetter, Electric Eel, Drain Camera, CCTV Drain Inspection and the good old shovel.
Drainage Repairs & Tree Root Removal

Blocked Drain repairs and drain clearing service.  Whether Sewer or house Drains or Stormwater Drainage problems we have the equipment to get you running freely quick.  As well as the job done thoroughly.

 Whether it is a drain machine (Jetter or High Pressure Water Drain Clearer) or a repair that may be required we can help you out and we Guarantee all of our repair work. 



We no that your blocked drain was not what you asked for and it came at the wrong time off course.  Blocked drains appear for many reasons.

1.      Tree root may have blocked the drain by gaining access through a small crack in the old earthenware pipes.
2.      Due to the climate with the long dry spells and then rain the earth moves a lot and applies to much pressure on the drainage system.  In the old days the drains were backfilled or when they installed the drainage they return the same soil over the pipe they just put in.  Backfilling drainage with dirt or different types of soil is not the best because the soil sticks to the drainage pipe and does not allow the drainage pipe to remain together as the soil or earth moves about during weather cycles.
3.      Old drainage piping was Earthenware which is a clay fired pipe.  Like a ceramic pot or plate the drainage clay pipe has the potential to crack if pressure is put upon it.  For this reason sometime a hole will appear in the drain pipe where the drainage pipe has cracked and simply fallen into the main drain.  This opens up the way for toilet paper and the like to build up behind this piece of broken earthenware drainage pipe and back up the whole system.  It can also allow the tree roots easily access into the drain system.
Most blocked drains make themselves known when it is raining. Why is this so?
You may be suppriced to find out that it is not due to the stormwater downpipes being connected to the sewerage system.  In most cases the rain cause the sewer drain to block because when the weather is dry the ground is able to absorb the water that is leaking through the breakage in the drainage pipe.  Now that the soil is saturated with the rain the unpleasant sewerage water decides it is time to surface as it no longer has a place to go.  Then even the smallest amount of water you put down the drain comes out of the drainage overflow pipe (if you have one, otherwise drain will overflow in your house)
How can I prevent my drains from getting blocked?
Call to discuss the different options.


Drainage Solutions and Drainage problems explained.

Why is this happening to me?

Give us a call.  Tell us what is happening and where the drain is blocked and we can work out together the cause. 

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